Tuesday, 30 March 2010


 This Weeks To Do List

- take the bins out
- coursework


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Oooo Im Gunna Buy Weave And Im Ready For The Weekend

I Cannot Wait Till Saturday..
I Shall Be Taking Pictures The Whole Night..

So I Shall Keep You Posted..

Over And Out..

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

!Skank! & Shank

( #Nowplaying Trey Songs- Say Aaahhh )

Ermm today was..eventfull..
- Choir
- Food
- Work
- Laughter
&& Skanking. i usually dont skank but to my suprise i was skanking to gospel music..wtf
i ♥ my choir people

i have the complete urge to dye my hair fucking white/ grey or red...

I really want to watch SHANK, the girl from the Skins is in it... :)


Shower Time..

Oh And From Now On Im Going To wear a hint of colour becuase i realised taht i have been wearing black for the past year...


Ps I leave you with an image i have fallen in love with..again..

Saturday, 20 March 2010


I dont know why but i always find myself forgetting to write my blog. I feel really bad whenever i do.
This week has been cool, but mellow. Moday's weather was beautiful and i really enjoyed it so much i was walking around sixth form with a fucking tshirt on, then i caught a flipping cold..#PARTOMYLIFE..
* And i have found myself having connstant nose bleeds, weird huh?*

I Swear down i want to light zoot, lay in a feild and drink a Frap

Its a saturday and i have been here watching Runs House..I ♥ the show..
i swear to god if i was 15, I would be in love with Diggy.
I love the show because it shows no matter what happens, they show that family is the most important factor in life. I also find #RUNSWORDSOFWISDOM amazing; teh thing this guy comes out with is #epic.

Oh My God Skins was emosh..but really why end it in that way..
Freddie cant die, who is going to love Effy. I actually LOVE Cook..and he is so odd and indirectly HOT

 I have found myself reading the Fashion part of the Gaurdian Newspaper..Its is actually realy good.

#nowplaying Lil Wayne- Fire

I was reading Tavi's blog nad this girl is amazing, she got an invite to Chanel's fashion show and she is 14... i want an invite


I was talking to my mum on the fone and she brought me to realise something, what ever mistake i make, it affects the whole family. Im glad she told me that, becuase i have realised i am a selfish person with my actions. I have made some really dumb mistakes and i just realised it affected my whole family.
I think family is a firm bond that should never be broken.

How much do you love your family
& Be honest to yourself

Ama leave you to ponder pon that..