Friday, 22 October 2010

here comes the sun

well, i plucked up the courage to change my course.
i was doing psychology and now i want to do journalism.

i am currently playing Beatles- here comes the sun. 

my sun has finally come. 


Wednesday, 20 October 2010


im feeling very hmm.
i wore leggings and a flannel shirt. And i was freezing. i felt like a bare bum getting slapped.
i had a seminar, then realised i have an assignment to hand in. I thought fuck!. 
i called my mummy♥ and just cried on the phone to her. for like 20 minutes. i miss her. i miss my family.
*gets teary eyed* 
i called up lola. cried on the phone to her. she was felt my pain. she knew how i was feeling. 
thats why i love her. she always knows how to cheer me up.
then i planned to meet her and we will go to london  to meet our other half, bui. 
i miss them. i miss my best friends. 
i have been feeling so lonely recently. 
im quite sad tbh.
oh well. 
oh yeah, i literally fucked of twitter, which is something i never do..actually i have never done it. and i have been ignoring all pings.
except pings from Liz. liz always makes me laugh. :)
but yeah. here i am, sitting on my laptop. on tumblr. when i have an assignment to do.
fuck. yeah…fuck. 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Im hungry
im cold.

im wearing a hoody and leggings, which is blaits not suitable for this weather.

im in my library writing a list of things i need from asda.

This sucks.


Saturday, 9 October 2010


Lol., the party last night was a next hype. I t was like filled with
- afro beats
- bashment
- darkeness
- laughing
- bad weave

it was a different experience. But yeah, im spose to be reading but i cant read unless it is like in the night time.

so for the mean im in my library printing lecture notes, blogging and tweeting ang BBM-ing. I'm superwoman..

so i think my favourite song at the moment would be D'banj- scapegoat. You could say that im a Afro- beats junkie. 
The official video for the song hasnt come out yet, but the song is a proper lovey dovie song, him expressing his love for his love " take my heart, take my love, take my body come build a home, stay with me iyawo* me"
*iyawo means wife
The song was produced by Don Jazzy. If you listen to the lyrics you hear a side to d'banj that you dont often hear in his other songs. I will like to hear songs liek this from the Koko Master.
I'm also becoming a bigger fan of Tuface.

But yeah



Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Howdy. Been really busy with uni and stuff. I cant beleive im saying this, i sound so old. But yeah, im only a week into lectures and i have done so much reading. Psychology ni be joke.

Well what have i been doing...reading my psychology book and highlighting like there is no tomorrow. I have also been shopping like money grows on trees. I blame topshop. I also have a fetish for big rings and just rings in general. i just bought a new ring today, its like a skull head and huge, argh i cant really describe it, i will take pics and put them up.

But yes, i have been delaying for a while but..
drums please
i present TCD Photography and Mike Star


Mike Star is a 18 year old artist that resides in Medway, Kent. I have known him for nearly three years and he is amazing. As soon as he jumps on the mic, its like he is completely different person, and you can see his passion fro music in his lyrics. I remember sitting in on one of his sessions with prodeucer SG; i was so shocked at this guys talent; i kept tweeting about it.

Heres a quick word from the man himself

"Yoooo family,
So obviously am 18 & this is my second promotional CD release, first CD release was called "The Beginning". That didn't get so much of a good reception, due to sound quality, but still managed to give me a little buzz.

This CD released now is titled "Recognition" because I feel that, my first CD didn't give me the "Recognition" I deserved, so this is like the come back if you like, with a much deeper personal meaning to me. I worked mainly wid S.G of Dub-Candy on the project, he worked on the enginering sides of things, and every track was recorded in his bedroom studio, apart from one being recorded in the main studio.
To end my year I have a joint CD wid S.G himself, titled "The New Approach". We decided to do this to show how two different artist from two different genres can come together and make a great CD. But nevertheless, we want to represent the Medway's music scene and push it forward. Prior to that, I am also working on an Official Mixtape, titled "London Raised & The Kent Phase Vol.1". The title speaks for its self. I aim to keep it In the medway circle of working artists/producers, but maybe a few names outside. A few people I will be working with on the mixtape are S.G, Josh Goldmine both of Dub-Candy and a few other names to be confirmed. But the main objective is to push all the projects by the end of the year, and bring medway into the music scene. " I am the best rapper in medway".

Download/Listen link for the "Recognition" Promo:

Website details:
Facebook: Mike-Star Darko

Much Love

TCD Photography

Many of you are prob thinking TCD, TCD stands for THINK, CREATE, DESTROY.
Tobbie is an amazing photographer and graphic designer who makes flyers for events and also makes takes photographs at events and for his own personal use. He is a-m-azing.
Take a look at some of his stuff

SEE WHAT I MEAN..its beautiful

To contact him:

Twitter- @tobbinator
Facebook- TCD Photography

Over and out