Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sweet Fashionist

Jimmhy Choo

Jimmy Choo At H&M

Is The Best Thing That Has Come To H&M

In Like Agggesssss

And They Are Relatively Cheap

The ones above are £69.99



Sunday, 22 November 2009

Saturday, 21 November 2009

im sorry Blog

admit; i have been neglecting my Blog
i've just been so busy.

But today had to be the best day of my life;
fuck me lol. Today is the day i will remember for the rest of my life

For those who havent watched it; i suggest you carry yourself and go and watch it.

After watching the film; i needed to have a man who is a vampire to bite me;
kinky much ?

i'm with team Edward
And im in love with Mr Robbert Patterson

But anyway..

This whole Channel Four 3D week has been a a bit of a flop LOL; the only highlight was Friday The 13th in 3D which i rate
but it made my eyes hurt...
plus it was a constant repeat of the queen before sutiing and another sutting.
But im liking the new show MISFITS pretty funny..

i have coursework but i just cant be fucked lol
bad-  i knw ryt

its coming to the of the year and i feel like i have acomplished alot but made alot of mistakes as well,
BUT it's my past that made me who i am today

Peace; Love and Skittles

Friday, 20 November 2009

Thursday, 19 November 2009

All Work; No Play........

All Work And No Play
Makes An Unhappy Sade

To Do List

- Personal Statement
- Writing A letter to CHANNEL 4

ii cant even remember the rest..

Oh god help me through my stufff and more stuff


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lady Gaga & Beyoncé and Jimmy Hendrix

i woke up looked at my my phone and it was 11am
shit im late for school
i thought whats the point of even attempting to get ready and go; byt the time i get ready it would be 1 so whats really the point.

Yesterday was that CH4 3D ting; which i rate btw
but it got mad annoying when they kept telling me to take them off; put them on;take them off
put them on ( mad annoying)

After about 30 through the Queen in 3D i decided to look up some amazing people;
Jimmy Hendrix
The Beatles♥
John Lennon

i refuse to believe that i am the only one who is getting happy about

ERMMMM im hungry

Rice And Stew♥


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Florence & The Machine♥

Some times throwing my hands up in the air

Sometimes i feel like saying Lord i just dont care

But you got the love i need to see me through


Saturday, 14 November 2009

=/ Not Soo Gravy, Baby..

Woke up to my mum shouting " Sade! im taking him to football so check on the meat on the cooker"
im tinking HMM K its not like i was sleeping or neting, SAY NAY...
Look outside my window to find the weather is still UGLY
Checked my fone 2 messages..
can i really be bothred to reply..NO!

Well hopefully my day will get better
coz the hills♥ is on

I hope the day wil get better...

"To me, New York was Jackson Pollock sipping vodka and dripping paint onto a raw canvas"

- Edie Sedgwick

Friday, 13 November 2009


Triffle; my new ♥
I ♥ My Strawberry Triffle

But Anyways (Gangster Fi Life♪) Lol ( and yes i did laugh at my own joke)
Todays been a good day still..
although the weather was beyond BUTTERZ but it gave me a good reason to wear my new coat so i got bare happy. =)
Woke Up rather late this morning alarm was spose to wake me up at 6.37; dont get me wrong it did; but i thot an extra 30 mins wudnt do no harm..
you would think that i would run for my bus; do i look like a prick? (dont answer that)


Well i just watched PhoneShop..
Dat is the most funniest show iv seen in ages

"How bout i take you to a town called Fuck"- Black guy
How bout when u move out of a house called Mum's" - White Co-worker


Plans for this evening involve

1. My warm duvet
2. My Fone for texts to find out how DollaBillz (♪Pu Yanga♪ ) show is going on.
3.My Twitter
& a film to watch

i leave you ORANGE  people to ponder on this..

The Best Colour In The Whole World Is The One That Looks Good On You
              - Coco Chanel♥


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

In Love With This Song Frisco- Girls♪



i-D My 3rd Bible and my fear of old women..

Hello, Was good..?
Got home early so thought i should blog, today has been so funny; psml.
I went to WHSmiths with the Fag & Lola to look for our magazines
Vogue for the gay..
Black Beauty for Lola
i-D for me :)

but hey; they didnt have it :(

Old people scrare me :(
oh my di-dddays..i accidently walked into an old lady bout 60-sutting
den she pushed me; me being me said
" did she just push me"
den like 2 minutes later..she comes back and tells me (with fear)
" i did not push you; u stepped on my foot"
 den she ran? away..

but i love my new snood..
as well as Karl Lagerfeld.
i love his job: creative director of Chanel as well as Fendi.
Hes a great Photographer..
i loved their article on him in Vogue Paris

i'v also got a new found love of Edie Sedwick & Andy Warhol♥
I wanna be a Warhol Superstar
Why was i not freinds with them?
Ama study den wen i do my Psychology and Media Degree:)

If i was born in the 60's i think i would have been a british socialite who hung around with The Beatles (who i love)♥
Peace; Love & Skittles


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

♪I'm Good; Pharrell & Clipse

That song is stuck in my FOOKIN head
i think im in love with the clipse♥; is that a good look?
Well Todays been a Pretty good day; we had some wierd church guy come play guitar and tell us about poems; strange much?
he told us to write up some list of our like and dislikes;
i looked to my left and i have CRAYOLAR writing hello;wagwarn and hey in different languages..
to my right i had Lola writing a poem about none other than herself.
i put pen to paper nd started 2 write all da shit i like

- Family
- Fashion!, I ♥ FASHION and wud prob give a kidney for it..
-russian new found love
-Make Up
-Days In London with my fag & my bitches
-Costa Coffee; Hot Chocolate; tinkin bout it has prob jus made me gain 2 pounds PSML

Also today i learnt alot about Drag queens from my fag;

Ermm also...
i ♥ my new boots..



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Truth Shall Set Us All Free.

So, Today was a...different.
It was the first day back at school and i was so excite dto see my Fag♥, hadnt seen him since wwe broke up from school. I walked into and the libaray and SCREAMED HAYDN!,
i ♥ my Fag if you havent noticed for a numerous amount of reasons
1. we laugh at those who wear brown, no matter who you are.
2. we just laugh at people

But any ways..
today a secret was revealed and you know what to be honest from what i found, i admit i was scared..
but only coz i felt the person was insecure about themselves when they usually aint.
But finding out the truth shall set us all free AMEN.

But i ♥ my freinds, we are all rejects from different groups.
The gay is a reject from the onli gay guy who hangs around with what we call " The WAGS"
I am the reject from the "ghetto" turned " fashionista"
My CrayolaR is a throwback from the 80'S
And Lola is a reject from the black "Barbies"

But hungry.
Noodles It Is


Monday, 2 November 2009

No Long Ting.

No Long Ting?

Only god knows how i came up with this one, i think it was continous hours of listening to the
Kokomaster; D'banj.
Well this week has been like a sandwich? Yeah, like a sandwich, with an extra portion of DEADNESS 
My week has been jam packed with writing my personal statement, writing up my Literature coursework and two, yes two sociology essays with NO word limits, so I cud write up essay the lenght of the bible..

Argh Im worried as fish outta water..
Im going uni next year, im excited, dont gt me twisted but just the thought of growing up..
swear down last year i was just sitting my GCSE's..well everyone has to grown up
so my options are:

University of Essex
University of Hertfordshire
Royal Holloway
Univeristy of Kent

Im complaning that this week was there like there wasnt a party to go to..
who wudnt want have the opportunity to party with a bunch of underage drinkers and mans who are 20+  tryna move girls in year 11...