Friday, 31 December 2010

so they year ends in 6 hours; cool

So yeah, the year is ending in 6 hours, which i guess is cool; a new year and a new start init; or is it.  Well yeah it is, i think, most people are like oh " its 2011 its my year" , bare in mind they say this almost every year. But what makes a clean start, is it the fact that you cut people out of your life, or you drop all of your bad habits; or what is highly confused. If 2010 wasnt a bad year for you then why are you making it seem like it is. 
sorry to be a party pooper *shrugs* 

So 2010, 2010 was an alright year, im not going to fault it. Im grateful that God brought me to see another year. Ok so what happened in 2010, highlights lets say:
- uni
- meetin my a great guy who makes me happy
- moving away from Medway

But the greatest highlight of 2010 had to be me growing up; maturing, putting things into priority, knowing right from wrong. Like if you wanna survive living on your own, you gotta grow up, cant have that same mentality that you had when you were living with your parents.

Summer 2010 was alright, my 18th birthday. Spent most of it with my friends and family. Like i said before, i cant fault it.

Music made 2010 a great year, i discovered artists such as Theophilus London, Brandun Dashay who bars are sick, i discovered Ricky Rozay who will always be 'BLWOING MONEY FAST ON THIS BITCH', I also discovered Wiz Khalifa who i have fallen in love with. Music this year has been amazing i have appriciated music a lot more this year. Music has always played a big part in my life but like im now i catch myself always reading music blogs and downloading albums from artists i have never heard of. 
Pow 2011 came out this year which was a resurrection of one of Grimes Anthem's POW!. The track featured of coarse Lethal Bizzle, Kano, Ghetts, Chippy and a few more. The video came out after and i have to say the video was alright.

This year Kanye West released his most talked about Album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". First of all there was talk about the album cover picture and how controversial it was. The song RUNWAY, was like sick, the video was SICKA! it was 35 minutes long and was just epic. i have to say, it was worth the wait. I am also a fan of ' devil in a new dress' and Monster.

Rihanna also released another studio album "LOUD" which i have to say features my some songs that i like such as " Whats my name" featuring the most talked about Rapper; Drake. The album cover shows her sporting red locks, which i have to say isnt her best look but she is Rihanna, she can make anything work. it was worth the wait.

Another SICKA! album that came out this year was PINK FRIDAY by Nicki Minaj. This album was really good, i got it the day it came out. It features songs like your love, right thru me and moment for life which features again Drake. Her beef with Lil Kim resorted in Lil Kim releasing a diss track called black friday, which was DEAD.

So we have come to the end of 2010. We remember those who havent made it this far, but we thank god that we have. I hope everybody has had a great year, remember all that God has done for you init.
I wanna wish everyone a happy new year.
From Sweetfashionist
Over and out

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


hey people, its December, this means xmas.
i flew into ireland yesterday, its cold; like really cold.

But like im happy to see my fambly again, been too long.
but yeah, christmas this year should be...interesting. i asked my parents for one gift...

lets hope they dont fuck up

11 days left