Sunday, 21 February 2010


I Made A Promise To Myself That I Would Buy 
Myself A Porsche Cayenne


&& You Want Me To Say What Exactly.....

Some wallad sent me mail on Facebook, telling me

" you have really nice boobs"

i took it as a compliment and told him

" yes i know i do, thank you and goodbye"

he replied me with


i laughed thinking what else did he want me to ssay



Thursday, 18 February 2010


* Nodding to Rihanna- Rude Boy*

Wow, Wonders Shall never end..
Have you ever felt like, why did i even bother giving this person a chance for...
its like, i had this gut feeling you would do this but i still gave you the benefit of the doubt..but you fucked up big time 

i never knew girls could be so snakey, this is why i dont like them..

*starts whinig in seat* LOL

But Anyways...

Lets See what his person has to say for themselves this time..

Over And Out

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It Is What Is Mu'Fucking Is..

Howdy, Greeting, Kondorneblular (thats a new one)
Today Is A Mellow Day..
Its like i wanna lay in a field of sunflowers, light a zoot and take pictures..
i'm really quiet today and i dont know why..

most people think i am confused because i dont look at the expectations that are expected of a black girl lol*

does that sound stereotypical

But i thats me..i wear random vintage jumpers,
i regualary enjoy laughing,
i drink, i smoke (socially)
and like dancing to bashment and nigerian music.
oh and i love the Beatles..
But That dont make me..Does it??

I have also discovered i have a huge crush on Rihanna
But dont get me twisted for some next lesbian
she is just so sexy like...amber rose im sorry, your spot has been taken

                                      Her swag in this video has me gassed..
                                  but she looks better in her "Rude Boy" video
                                    The whole concept is #immense

Back to reality..which at the moment is alot of things

i cannot wait till SUMMER 2010..i will finally be 18 and be able to drink and smoke (socially)..
this summer i need..The Park, Beers..Weed..And Music. GREATNESS..

&&& my tatoo madness will going to end up looking like this lol

& My Mum Would Cry Everytime She saw me lol

i got a good feeling about this year and what summer has for me

And @Daniel Williams *This eint twitter but still*
curse you for putting me in facebook jail lol
i dont mean to talk alot but i saw whats on my mind at the time

but i think ima have to write agen tonight..

gotta get hings of my chest and need to priorities certain people in my life

bye for now


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dear Rihanna

Dear RiRi (You Dont mind if i call you that do you)

I Have Like The biggest crush on you, i know you dont know me but still

I think your swag is Amaze,
Your So Pretty

Im Not A Lesbian, Dont Get Shit Twisted..i enjoy PENIS regulary

But I Just Have a huge crush on you

If you ever read this letter, famous or not

Holla At Me ;)


Monday, 15 February 2010

Alexander McQueen..

Alexander Mcqueen Died Last Week After Comiting Suicide..Tough Times
So Im Dedicating This Blog Input To A Geat Designer...

This Guys Clothing Was Amazing...Like #IMMENSE

But I Guess We Dont Know What Happens Behind Closed Dooers,
Some People Put On A Facade To Make Things Seem Ok, When It Isnt, I For One Do It...

But May His Soul Rest In Peace


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This Post Will Look Funny coz I'm doing it from my bed..I'm so tired like and I can't be assed wit
Using my laptop.. So the BB it is lol.

Had the funkiest dream last night..

Hope you all have a good night

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Week With Gaga And Minaj

What it do people, i havent written in this in ages and i feel really bad, LOL
Its been a hectic week, and i ahve gorwn to hate some stuff and love some stuff.
I Have grown to love GAGA♥ Even more and i have alos grown to love Nicki Minaj..Shes is actually alryt..i prefer her lyircs to her face tho..♪ I Was on the the plane with the Wayne♥....Thats why i get more head than a pigtail.♪ Her Lyrics are K.O's Like...At the moment they are my two fav chicks in the game..
I HEARD throught he grapevine that GAGA & Beyonce- Telephone Video is coming out this week...Im Happs..:)

i have also become obssessed with Robin Thickes New Album Sex Therapy..Oh LAWD this Man Would recieve it sideways, He is beautiful, Yeah him and Maxwell ..FMLS (Fuck My Life Sideways*)
I Love twitter on a sturday evening while Take Me Out is on..funniest shit ever..that show is actually many desperate chicks looking for desperate guys..

*sidenote- is sideways one word or two* #IMJUSTASKING

ATM im playing KE$HA- TIK TOK (great song)

i need a
- polaroid camera
- a wii for uni
- new vintage harems

ok now atm playing Lady Gaga- eh eh , sounds like a old skool madonna/ pure garage..i like
i like alot...

Ta Ra for now