Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mac Miller - Senior Skip Day


Mac Miller - Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

the beat reminds me of 'old skool' hip hop, from the early 80's late 90's; kinda like De La Soul


Frank Ocean - We All Try [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Anthony Hamilton - Comin' From Where I'm From

This song makes me think back on my life
i love the lyrics.
the video, his voice.


Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

one of my fav videos but its disgusting. meh. thats tyler for you



this is my new man crush
as well as Wale



The weather is beautiful, i feel beautiful. 
Going for an aimless walk tomorrow.
Going to take some snappy snaps.
times like this i wish i had a camera.

so my shitty BB Bold will have to do.


Saturday, 25 June 2011


Went to LDN today, Peckham to be exact.
You have got to love LDN
i think its the buzz, i always get some kinda buzz being there. 
So many people, all rushing to their different destinations.
In the car on the way to London the album i listened to was Katy B. 
i love how she takes an old skool garage beat and then makes it her own. 

pure genius 


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: Frank Ocean- Nostalgia, Ultra

When you think of Frank Ocean the first thing that would come to your mind would be OFWGKTA. OFWGKTA or Odd Future Wolf Gang is a collective of alternative hip hop rappers and producers and they all bring a special element to the group. The group is lead by Tyler 'The Creator' Okonma, the group includes rappers such as Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and Mike 

I heard about Frank Ocean early this year on the blogging site Tumblr. I stumbled upon this Frank Ocean's Tumblr and there was just something so different about him that lead me to finding out more about him. From his personal Tumblr I found out that he was part of a collective called OFWGKTA. The first song that i heard of his was 'Novacane', immediately i fell in love with the song, i think it was the quirkiness and the realness of his lyrics. At the end of May, i found out that Mr Ocean had a released his debut album on the OFWGKTA's website, and as my interest in the group grew I downloaded the album.

File:Frank Ocean-Nostalgia Ultra.jpeg

The first song on the album is ""Strawberry Swings", in the first 20 seconds the first thing that came to my mind was Coldplay!. I would like to say that Frank Ocean executed Coldplay's "Strawberry Swings" brilliantly. His voice complements the stringed instruments, as the song deals with the good times that Frank  had in his life as a child but they are coming to end because of the destruction of the world. Even though Frank has left the title the same as Coldplay, he has reinvented the song and made it his own. 
"when we were kids we hand-painted strawberries on a swing.....the entire earth is fighting all the world is at its end...... I've loved our good times here"- Strawberry Swings

The next song on the album is "Novacane" was the first song i heard of Frank Ocean. Its about the Frank meeting a girl at a party and she introduces him into smoking what I believed to be Marijuana. In the chorus of  the song he is comparing the love to the drug 'Novocaine' which is what doctors use to numb patients pain. In this song, the tone of his vocals are completely different to how they were in "Strawberry Swings", this shows how broad his vocal ranges are and also complimenting him as and R&B singer. After the interlude "Bitches talkin" the next song after is "We all try", this song is where I fell in love with Frank Ocean as a lyricist. This song is about belief and what he believes in and doesn't believe in, "you gottta believe in something; something something"- We all Try

"Songs for women" is about Frank Ocean being in a relationship with a girl but she didn't notice his musical talents. This is my favorite song on Frank's album, there is one particular line in the song that makes me laugh "don't even listen to the songs i record but she be banging that drake in my car". "Lovecrimes" is more of an upbeat song compared to the rest and the more I listen to it I notice his vocals sound very similar to Ryan Leslie in 'Diamond Girl'. The song deals with Frank Oceans relationships with past girlfriends. "Swim good" has become a favorite track amoungst radio stations stations such as 1xtra. The song has a slow tempo and the percussion heightens the mood of the song. It deals with him attempting to commit suicide by driving his car into an ocean; all due to a girl.

"Dust" deals with Frank erasing the memories about his past relationships and then the memories of the women turn to dust; this is one of the shorter songs on his album. The album ends with "Nature feels" where Frank samples MGMT's "Electric Feel".  I loved MGMT's "Electric Feel" and just knew when i heard Frank's cover I would like it just as much. The first sentence of the song deals with sex, a very sensitive subject but this is where Frank relates to OFWGKTA. Tyler, The Creator has been known to be the very vulgar one of the group, but on this track yes Frank is vulgar in the song but he does it in an very sensual way; relating back to him being an R&b artist; "hop on my back i'll take you down the stairs into my backyard and lay you on the grass give it you over again"- Nature Feels.

You can download Nostalgia, Ultra here Frank Ocean- Nostalgia, Ultra
You can find Frank Oceans Tumblr here
Frank Oceans Twitter  Frank Oceans Twiiter page

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Exams done
year 1in uni done
havent written in you for a while, i have been busy with revision. 

Let the summer begin.