Saturday, 30 June 2012

Zee ft. Rayce - Olomi

"Olomi, i've got you like you've got me"
I love this song, the type of song both the male and female can relate to. The song features Rayce who sang the club banger 'Roll', I haven't really heard much of Zee but hopefully we get to hear more good music like this from her. 

"lets go far away, run away"


Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Affairs Of The Heart

"Affairs of the heart, together we've grown, if ever apart, all i want you to know;
your LOVE is life changing"

I so much love this song, when i first heard it a few months back i fell in love. 
The message behind the song is what i love the most, even though the one you love is not there in person, your love for them wont change because your love for them is unconditional. 
Cherish those you love and those who love you because nobody knows tomorrow.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Timaya New Album 'Upgrade'

Timaya's is dropping a new album soon guys..:)

Timaya Upgrade Album front EXCLUSIVE: Timaya   Malo Nogede ft Terry G + iLLuminati + UPGRADE Album Tracklist

Radio 1 Hackney Weekender x Jay and Ye x D'Banj

I did not attend the Hackney Weekender nor did i attend the Watch The Throne tour, but thanks to Hackney Weekender I could enjoy the Watch The Throne experience from the comfort of my own bed. OMG, that shit was CRAY!
BBC host a free festival, Radio 1's Big Weekend, every year in different venues and this year it was hosted at the Hackney Marshes and it is held over a period of 2 days. There are 6 different stages( Main stage, In Music We Trust Stage, 1xtra Stage, Dance Arena, DJ stage and BBC Introducing stage) that headlined different acts from Boy Better Know, Sean Paul, Jack White and many others. To be honest, the 1xtra and Main stage were the only ones i was interested, 1xtra stage headlined Nigerian megastar D'Banj who performed his major hit song 'Oliver Twist' but other songs such as Suddenly, Scape Goat, Gbono Feli, Critical featuring Ikechukwu, these are all songs that were not as popular in the UK as Oliver Twist was so to hear them on stage at the Hackney Weekend was pretty amazing; also the crowds reception to him was amazing i didnt really expect it; he also brought out K'Switch (his younger brother) and Ikechukwu. His performance was pretty good, he brought a bit of Nigeria, had the CEO dancers (who i have to admit did their thing) lebete!

Jay x Kanye.
Cn only be described as an epic performance.
When the flag dropped and Yeezy came out and Otis dropped, then N***** in Paris came on, it was GAME OVER; i jumped on my bed and starting rapping along, they even created a mosh pit, a FUCKING MOSH PIT. Even King Bey was in the mosh pit. EPIC MOMENT. 

it was one hell of a night, and i enjoyed it all from my bedroom. 
thanks BBC.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hope and faith

Hope and faith are the only things that can keep us going. Hope and faith are two things that you must always believe in order for your current situation to change, or for things to be better for you. Hope and Faith are things we associate with religion, if you have hope in God he will do wonders in your life, if you have faith in him he will make ways for you. 
I learnt this the hard way, i believed i could do all things on my own, didn't need faith or hope, but as i became older and became closer to my religion i realized i cant do all things in Christ who strengthens me; and with hope and faith. 

This week has been a bit of a downer but things will get better, i have faith.
Thats all i guess. 

s. x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


E.M.E. aka Empire Mates Entertainment has released and album which features all their home artists such as the superstar Mr Wizkid himself, the oga Banky W and Young Skales, DJ Xclusive and Niyola and Shaydee and they have released their first collective album. The album features songs like 'Baddest Boy', it has 22 songs on it and also features 3 skits from the Nigerian comedian Basketmouth; so 19 song and 3 skits. The album is available to download on Spinlet which is a music applications for phone, the great news....the album is free! for the first 75,000 people who download the Spinlet app which is suitable for Blackberry and Android users; so for Apple users like me we are not able to download the album; sorry people.
Well the album consists of great artists so i'm sure it will be a hit. Once I listen to it a proper there will soon be a review up. 
EMSM Cover Art Front no gloss rgb Spinlet 1024x1024 DOWNLOAD: Empire Mates State Of Mind Album by EME on SPINLET + Listen to Get Down Tonight & Su Mo Mi

EME all stars tracklisting 1024x1024 DOWNLOAD: Empire Mates State Of Mind Album by EME on SPINLET + Listen to Get Down Tonight & Su Mo Mi

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Well, with this one i'm a bit lost for words, i never really expected these two to do a collabo. The song is ok, not the best that each artist has done, but the chorus is the catchy bit but you would have expected more from two major African superstars.
But you make your own judgement.

Omawumi - Bottom Belle ft. Flavour [Official Video]

"..You be chairman, no be for mouth, chairman do something; PAMUREGE"
I love this song, it has a traditional feel to it, and its so easy to listen to; i mean its not to busy if you get. 
I'm not usually a fan of Omawumi but she really got me hooked me on this song, and what makes it better is that it features Mr. Flavour N'abania who just adds that extra bit of sex appeal to the song. The video shows Omawumi dancing in this song which is a side of her we don't usually see. The video will have you on your feet dancing traditionally, well I did anyway. 

A'won Boyz - Azonto Music Video

"Now everybody on the dance floor, oya azonto"
Here is another club jam from A'won Boyz, the song has been out a while but they just recently released the video 2 days ago; they are also known for the song 'Pakuromo' which is my favourite that they have done. The video obviously features the famous 'azonto' dance but apart from that there is not much going on in the video, luckily the song makes up for what the video lacks. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

P Square ft Rick Ross - Beautiful Oyinye (Remix)

When i fist heard this song, i fell in love; P-Square did it again. After being signed to Akon, Akon got Rick Ross to feature on their remix. I'm usually on point when it comes to hearing about features and hearing songs before they have been released officially but this one was kept on the hush hush. Well Twitter has been going on about the video, so much that it is a trending topic. The video isn't doing much for me but the fact that Ricky Rozay is on the track shows that Afrobeats is moving forward. 

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

One of those days

This post may not make sense, as it is coming to my mind; thats how I'm writing it.
Life is a journey, has many ups and downs and it can take you to places where you wouldn't expect it to take you. Along the journey of life, you make mistakes but it is these same mistakes we learn from. We have all made mistakes that we regret, I have certainly made mistakes I regret, one being recently but I took it as a learning curve. I have brought up to accept the fact that I should learn from my mistakes an others mistakes.

I'm literally sitting on a bench in the park just thinking about life, love and happiness and becoming something in life. I tweeted the other day "greatness and success will come my way someday" and I genuinely think it will; it may not be today or tomorrow but it will surely be someday. For all those out there that are thinking when is it my time, your time will come soon. The amount of times I have been turned back and had the words "your not what we are looking for" said to me has not stopped me from trying again. DON'T LET NOBODY KNOCK YOUR HUSTLE.

So guys, that's me for today.

S. x

Friday, 8 June 2012

Ekuro- Davido

And on the beat is DAVIDO! When I downloaded this song a while back i didn't know how to respond to it, because after a big hit like Carolina with SauceKid and Dami Duro which is a massive club banger (which i have to admit gets me super gassed when i hear it) I didnt think this could top those two hits; but I admit the video is lovely. Done in Miami and set around a beautiful mansion, I admit the video is on point. 
And i have to admit, he looks uber cute. 

Chuddy K - Gaga Crazy [Video]

I am actually in love with the video and i have been waiting for it to drop since. There has been so much  hype about this song and even when it comes on in the clubs,m everybody goes GAGA AND CRAZY!
We havent really been hearing much from Chuddy K so for him to come with this great hit..