Friday, 30 July 2010


Good morning; woke up happy and feeling gorgeous (as you do)

My dress from ASOS came; was susposed to come monday but came today *does BBM dance*..bare happs.
 Now to wait on my espadrilles from blue and have an anchor on it..(very nautical)

But anyways

going to a BBQ later..(please believe that i dont call it Barbecue; i call it B-B-Q)
But yeah, i shall post pictures of it later..


Say Cheese

Say cheese

best crisps; ever

always :)

first of many

My summer so far 



Monday, 26 July 2010


i have missed you blog havent been on this in like forever. 

This is just a quick post to show i am still alive.

Next post shall be pictures only, of my birthday and other stuff..



Monday, 12 July 2010

Chilled Out

Long time no blog,

Been doing literally nothing.

purchased these on friday, thanks to urban outfitters..:)


Friday, 9 July 2010

200th post

Thanks to all those that read my blog
& thanks to all my followers, it is much appreciated.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010


                              Morning, woke up earlier than usually..i dont even know why.  
So i ave been listening to a couple songs to get me in an even better mood and im currently listening Gyptian- Hold yuh, which i will always love. 

So erm i think im going to listen to some Beatles later in the mood..
I love them

thats my favourite picture of them, of my favourite album of theirs..


There goes my baby

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gu'day mates, so im kinda happy you know.
And Im watching simpsons, ordered my new phone &
im wearing make up...Like foundation, eye liner, mascara and liquid liner, the whole SHA-BANG; and im not even goign anywhere.
After many thoughts and advice i have decided to get the Blackberry 9700 in white. It looks so chic and as @LaDolceViita " image is everything"..Which is kinda true; but personality also matters; but anyway.

So im really happy lol :)
I have great friends, great family..

L O V E    Y O U R   L I F E

I do, you should too.....

"A life lived in love will never be dull."


Saturday, 3 July 2010


YSL make amazing shoes, so classic and chic. 
Take a look


I love the colour, i can imagine how they feel...

hmmm patent

Well erm yeah oh and i love this song :)


Friday, 2 July 2010

WAH Nails & WC

From the title you can tell that i am watching the ghana and Uruguay match..
Score is 1-1, i reckon the final score will be 2-1. But anyways..

MY ROOM!..its literally empty now :(..
no posters, no bags hanging from the nothing. 

Oh and i want to get some Wah Nails..they are rather sexy

in the style of Katy Perrys dress
*sings i kissed a girl*

these are cute

I want these...i like the monochrome

anyways ta-ra for now


Thursday, 1 July 2010


Exams Over

Goo'day Mate *Australian accent*
So exams have finished..TIME TO PARTY!!!
Its like a whole weight of my shoulders, i swear, weights such as Media & Sociology And Literature.
No more Wuthering Hieghts..God that book was so long but i enjoyed it.
ANYWAY! enough about school.. what do i do ?
now that revision is over and i havent got my head stuck in a book..
Well, im watching Big Brother and shabby is crying because she has been asked to sacrifice her hat -____________- ..she is only crying becuase she doesnt want people to see the little village of gnits in her hair & i dont actually think she has showered since she has been in the house; like seriously.

@TheRealCrayolaR just rang me about some joke we used to do in Year 9 science; which seems like yonks ago.  

Now that i have finished 6th form..i feel old. this must mean that my summer has officially started..
& my bornday is next month* & i dont know what to do.
* 21 July, dont say i didnt warn you
So summer'10 has shall be including
- sunny days in the park..
- drinking..Cold beer preferable
- i also have a very strong feeling i will take up smoking this summer :/..dont ask why, i just do
- a job
..& Just enjoying being around positive people.

This weather has become very unbearable, but yet i seem to wear black o.O, like all the time..My wardrobe literally consists of black clothes and denim..

Oh and i have just come across this tumblr, called Mi Casa Es Su Casa..the interior decor is so beautiful.
I want my house to be very minimalistic becuase that is the type of person i am, clutter reflects your state of mind..i dont like clutter..
But anyways

Heres my picture for the day
Theophilus London. i have a major crush on him