Friday, 30 April 2010

Express Yourself..

Hey, recently i couldnt be bothered these past couple of days.. i actually dont know why..its kinda so passionate about this as well.
But anyways, this week has been kinda MERGH..thats the only way to describe it. I have had many indepth conversations, my confidence has been knocked down, i have loved and i have missed.

This may not make sense to you but it makes sense to me lol. I have realsed many things. my friends have lead to realise that what i do should make me happy, it shouldn't make other people happy; and thats true. If it makes me happy why should i bother about you? But the problem with me is, i do things that please people, i.e. to make them laugh, to make them smile and to satisfy them..hense why i want to be a psychologist. The one thing is that i dont want to regret anything but looking back on what i have done in the past makes me feel..STUPID?
I Hope all this is making sense..?

I doubt it is lol.

Another thing is HIM, yes HIM. Me and him used to "see" each other and we used to talk and i really liked/like him. But i just dont want me talking and me liking him again to lead to me geting my heart broken, AGAIN..#PARTOMYLIFE. I just dont want to get hurt.. #YahZimme? But it all leads back to the thing of me being a people pleaser or a ME PLEASER..if that makes sense..But the funny thing is, is that im only a people pleaser when it comes to guys..STRANGE HUH..Well yeah it is strange becuase it all leads back to us women living in a patriarchal society and men opressing us and us women just being put on this earth to please them..dnhjsdkhjdkf ildksflk;dsjflk sdjfklsdj ....

I should'nt be feeling that i have to please guys and make them happy, i should be making myself happy..But this all leads to paragraph 2, YA GEH ME...
I just want to be happy, sucessfull and fabulous, thats all i want..Is that too much to ask.?
Well i have been brambling on about all this EMOSH tings, lets get onto the happy stuff

Oh i saw the pictures from DAGRINS burial, it was so sad. It made me realise that death is so unexpected, life can be here one minute and gone the next. This gives me the motivation to live my life to the fullest; no regrets..So the last 3 paragraphs didnt make sense then ARGHHIFODSFULOSB FJKLS ARGH #FAK OFF

But on the plus side, today was a good day. I bought a pretty necklace
£2...BARGAIN..i only bought it because i needed a necklace that was long, but at the same time had a cooky pendant, an i found one. The glass in the tummy of the owl is a magnifying huh..

And i have just ordered my glasses chain from ASOS..
Its so...Uber Cool.
& Because i am black and cheap, i did the super saver deleivery were it would come 6 days later, it doesnt cost me a penny.. :). Everybody is smiling, especially me lol..

The other day i was walking to the pist box down the road and i wore trainers, yes trainers..ok they may not be considered as trainers but i think they are..

& i did the trip while yamming down a carrot.. going to do somemore online shopping..

Retail therapy is always the best..


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

i ♥ this song

I Want A Sexy White Boy..

So basically, i want a sexy white boy....

like now..
& i shal explain why later on
am i asking for too much

I shall post pictures of my day and the pic of the week later on..


Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Making dinner, and i cant CBA to write much

Picture of the day..



Monday, 26 April 2010


The Day basically included

- sixthform 
-jollof rice
- tumble weave pon road (yes weave)
- laughter
- & a text from him :)





Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Day

My Day..

My Journey to church, 

Got Home..Took A Couple Pictures..Like the one below..

Then i start with the work..

Finished that, (well kinda)..
started with my essay.. then i realisd my room is kinda like my shrine..
a messy shrine



Disgusting i know

But the one thing that is clean and tidy is my Vogue And Elle collection

Then i got really happy coz i found the purse that mummy got me for xmas

Then my mummy brough my laundry to my room and i opened my knickers draw and found this

Looks like a mirror right...
You thought wrong


(or not)
Then i look up to see my exam timetable
2 and a half hours.. DONT PISS ME OFF

Then i look to my door and smile coz i see my babies
This is just 1/3 of the collection BTW

Then look to my wall because these pictures make me happy
Meet the NUGA'S

*random note* i stole my umbrella from some posh kid at my school

i tided up and my room went back to looking like this.. 

And i did all this while drinking this
(green tea)


P-Square - Do Me


Any day, any time

Marry Me..?


Happy Sunday




i shall post something later on in the day.. at the moment i am drinking my Green tea with the good china..
it tastes different.. 


Ok, One Last Picture PICKCHAH






This Shall One Day Be Mine

I absolutely love anything Chanel..
i love the quilting, i love the simplicty of the double C..


woman in white♥


As you can see i love all things CHANEL

God Bless Coco Chanel


Saturday, 24 April 2010

My Girlies...

Spent the day with my girl, had a laugh..

highlight of the day...

the turkish man."wasserp" ..i his face lol

Well what do we do..
Yeah..went library, got bored so left..
then moved onto the highstreet...Mcdonalds
Pound Land.. 

I just love these girls i swear..i have known them since year 8 and we have been friends since and i love them loads..

Here they are

Image of the day

She is pengers..

Friday, 23 April 2010


i literally spent all day reading the wiki page on Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Bob Dylan, Bob Geldof, James St James And James Dean.

oh i got new glasses, look like Daphnie from Scooby Doo

And thats not even an over exaggeration...

Ill post a picture in the next post

Andy Warhol was an actual LEGEND i swear, so i have decided to dedicate this blog post to him since his work and film was amazing. That reminds me i needa watch FACTORY GIRL..
i loved this man, he was so different..yet amazing..he didnt say much words in his interviews and when asked if he knew about Edies death, he replied.. "ermm no"

But anyway, yesterday Nigeria lost a very talented artist, Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun AKA DAGRIN..
He was a great rapper and he was in a car crash and sadly passed away..
He was a very popular nigerian artist and recently released an album and didnt live to see his success. But he is up above with The Big Man Upstairs.  

I pray that God will continue to guide his family through this rough time.


The picture of the day is....



Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tatts And Make Up

Well, todays been a good day..

Well this is a quick thing, im tired lol.

My top 3 make up products
- Collection 2000 liquid eye linner
- Elizabeth arden mascara 
-Maybeline eyeliner, black

- Beatles lyrics
- star sign
- fav quote

Picture of the day

Going to paint the nails this colour...

so pengay


Monday, 19 April 2010

The Things I See On My Way Home

I swear my bus is full of little boggy nosed children and old people who smell really bad..
Well on the plus side the weather was pretty, and it made me very happy and cheerful..PATHETIC FALLACY..

oh and i have also decided to write a children's novel when i grow up..its always been a dream of mine.

Ermm sunday, i was mad tired so i didn't post anything....just a picture.

Oh, i promised Joseph ama do a quick review on Facejacker. This show is actually hilarious, how he does all these voices and impersonations is disgusting. I found the African guy, Augustus the funniest one. He was hypnotising people into giving them their bank details and address and bank details. The funniest thing was that the scam he was doing seemed like something typical nigerian 419-er would do lol.

But real talk he looks like his name is supposed to be Babalola Oshigunayo lol
(i just made that up BTW)

Ermm yeah the outfit yesterday was rather sophisticated looking; seeing as it was the aunts birthday.
Dress- River Island Shoulder Detail
Tights- Primark ?
Shoes- Brogues- Ermm Dunno
Bag- River Island.. 

I think i want some SUPER SHADES, google it bitches, they are so peng..
£110 onwards. They are worth it..

I havent forgotten about S.G And Mikestar

Review coming very soon

I dunno what to wear to sixth form..oh lord..:(

I Love This Picture, Me and my lovely friend...

Heres the picture of the day