Monday, 26 October 2009

Aha Osufia In London..JOKES!

Jus thot i shud share with you my evening plans..
1. Personal Statement
2. Eating My Jollof Rice and Duck..hmmmm Yumm
3. Chill Relax with my fellow twitterers..

oh and watch Osufia in London

♥ that film..

g'bye for now


From My Surname To Harems To Being A Flygerian

Lol For Once Im Short For Words. Yesterday Was A Very HMMM? day for me. Woke up to 5 unread messages and im tinking Babes Do You Not Sleep?
There Was alot going through my mind (on of them being what do i wear for church even though my mass is 45 minitues long) YES! i go Catholic Church.
Most poeple will expect me to go to this...

But i go to this
Another that baffles my little mind is that poeple constantly correct me
about MY! own name; It is NUGA! not ADENUGA. Yes, You can be African and have a name that is 4 letters long ( its very rare but still)
Also another thing that bugged me yesterday is my mum complaning about how i dress. i dont see anything wrong in Harems, A Snoopy T-shirt, A Blazer and black sandals.
Bless my mum and her Naija Self ( Dun Know)
Lol As soon as i sed that G Frsh & Co- Flygerian♫ Came to mind.
( Kudos to Mark henry & G Frsh on the beat)
" Shawty get low, i tell her Kumolé"

Im An African & Proud
R U?
Sweet Fashionist

Saturday, 24 October 2009

the Birth Of SweetFashionist 24.10.2009; 22.13

Well..Were do i start...its exactly 22.13 and im sitting her munching on Starmix Haribos♥ ( My Fav), and wondering what to write, but as im thinking, the words are flowing into my fingers and onto my keyboard. Well, Some wonder; why the name Sweet Fashionist. Well i ♥ sweets and i would literally sell a kidney for Couture♥ LOL..( iJoke)
Well Im a Daughter.bestfriend.FashionConsiousWhore.Walking Joke Box. And All Round Psycho.
My bestfriends still believe i should be studied..
What Do You Think...?