Monday, 26 October 2009

From My Surname To Harems To Being A Flygerian

Lol For Once Im Short For Words. Yesterday Was A Very HMMM? day for me. Woke up to 5 unread messages and im tinking Babes Do You Not Sleep?
There Was alot going through my mind (on of them being what do i wear for church even though my mass is 45 minitues long) YES! i go Catholic Church.
Most poeple will expect me to go to this...

But i go to this
Another that baffles my little mind is that poeple constantly correct me
about MY! own name; It is NUGA! not ADENUGA. Yes, You can be African and have a name that is 4 letters long ( its very rare but still)
Also another thing that bugged me yesterday is my mum complaning about how i dress. i dont see anything wrong in Harems, A Snoopy T-shirt, A Blazer and black sandals.
Bless my mum and her Naija Self ( Dun Know)
Lol As soon as i sed that G Frsh & Co- Flygerian♫ Came to mind.
( Kudos to Mark henry & G Frsh on the beat)
" Shawty get low, i tell her Kumolé"

Im An African & Proud
R U?
Sweet Fashionist