Saturday, 21 November 2009

im sorry Blog

admit; i have been neglecting my Blog
i've just been so busy.

But today had to be the best day of my life;
fuck me lol. Today is the day i will remember for the rest of my life

For those who havent watched it; i suggest you carry yourself and go and watch it.

After watching the film; i needed to have a man who is a vampire to bite me;
kinky much ?

i'm with team Edward
And im in love with Mr Robbert Patterson

But anyway..

This whole Channel Four 3D week has been a a bit of a flop LOL; the only highlight was Friday The 13th in 3D which i rate
but it made my eyes hurt...
plus it was a constant repeat of the queen before sutiing and another sutting.
But im liking the new show MISFITS pretty funny..

i have coursework but i just cant be fucked lol
bad-  i knw ryt

its coming to the of the year and i feel like i have acomplished alot but made alot of mistakes as well,
BUT it's my past that made me who i am today

Peace; Love and Skittles

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