Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lady Gaga & Beyoncé and Jimmy Hendrix

i woke up looked at my my phone and it was 11am
shit im late for school
i thought whats the point of even attempting to get ready and go; byt the time i get ready it would be 1 so whats really the point.

Yesterday was that CH4 3D ting; which i rate btw
but it got mad annoying when they kept telling me to take them off; put them on;take them off
put them on ( mad annoying)

After about 30 through the Queen in 3D i decided to look up some amazing people;
Jimmy Hendrix
The Beatles♥
John Lennon

i refuse to believe that i am the only one who is getting happy about

ERMMMM im hungry

Rice And Stew♥


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