Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Week..('s)

Hello there
Been a hot sec since i have been here..

Xmas day..Fun Stuff..
i would love to go to a white persons christmas and they eat like tukey..
we eat chicken..they eat roast potatoes.we eat jollof rice..they have Christmas dinner for desert...we have pepper soup LOL

i loved my christmas but at the same time i hate it..all that consumsion of food..raaahh..and you know they will be left overs of the food and your mum cant be bothered to cook so you will be eating that dor the next week..

I decided that when im in uni..i dont think i will be eating..Me and CRAYOLAR* said we will be sucking on leather and drinking water..which sounds like a plan. LOOL..
i also came to the conclusion that i will be getting 5 Tats and 3 more piercing..CRAZY I KNOW..but we onli have one life so live it too the fullest and dont regret shit..
if i was white; i think i would look like this

I didnt bring up a black girl with tats coz she would most prob look like a lesbian prisoner lol
*Not to self..GET A FUCKING JOB*

i actaully love Twitter lol @SweetFashionist..Its just so funny talk to great people such as @saucekibaba who is a fucking hillarious MOFO

..and you can say anything thats on your mind and some one out there will RT coz they are thinking the same thing. but like a cuple days ago BLOCK HEAD I.E CHIPMUNK and Wiley thought it was funny to start beef..obv wasnt true but i beleieved them..And BTW who is Bluetooth..coz i think 65% of people i follow on twitter were PARRING HIS LIFE lol..

Me and MY WIFEY Lola were talking about how my taste in men is odd lol..
i say my perfect guy would be
- Black..(not a racists ting; never dat)
- tatooed up
- Swag- i dont mean Ed Hardy Or Gucci'd up.i mean suttin like the guy above..who i personally think is BEAUTIFUL..
- Cute smile..
- makes me laugh

&& so on and so forth..
i dont think its weird, thats just me
Suttin like this..But If he was taller and had not that many tats..

Or suttin like Jim Jones..♥

Yeah But thinking i need to go shopping for a pair of sexy KG HIGH HEELS♥
the makers of the best shoes evvvveeeeerrr

But yeah

Toodles My Loves..

Peace.Love && Skittles

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