Saturday, 12 December 2009


Im not a happy bunny; so much is happening all at once

One Unhappy; Confused and Lost Sade

But there is one thing that will make me happy; listening to the Alicia Keys Album
Which By The way is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 
(well there is one more thing to add in this equation so dat sentence above doesnt really make sense)
My Phone

Today = Hmmmm
but Coooor Blimey it is fucking cold..

& i have been so EMO-TIONAL
ive cried (iv counted ) 4 times;

i cried the most when i watched Ugly Betty and Marks Gone; Its all

Errgh My god..Adverts are on and just herd
NDUBZ- i need you


im sorry but all their music sound the same; im sorry to all NDUBZ fans out there
BUT im just saying

LOOL i just laughed out loud with myself; there is some girl in my school who looks like the white chicks but the male version

lool i know thats mean but atleast im overt!

but yeah

ill cheer up soon

it just one of those days (Weeks);


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