Saturday, 9 January 2010


Random Facts about Me..

- Im pretty short..5'2..but do not call me Shortyy..i beg u please
- I only shop in Topshop, River Island, Miss Self and Zara..and random vintage shops i find
- I really like essays,  blogging and random pieces of writing with my random thoughts
- i really like listening to Ronnie Herel (1xtra) while doing my now..:)
- i love the 80's- fashion and music...the assymetrical clothing..The music..The freedom
-i love
-i love bags..i own 21 of them
- i feel naked without without fake lashes
- i really dislike Chipmunk...
- my lesbian crush would be Rihanna..she is so peng..her music and fashion sense..#EPIC
-i tend to put trending topics in most writing i did #EPIC...#Randomfacts
- i want 5 more peircing and 4 of my tatooes are to include The Beatles lyrics.."Here comes the sun"♪....Beautiful
-me and my friends tend to talk about poo and sex and gossip almost 95% of the time
-i love nigerian music..
- my first time of wearing Ankara was last year November..And i loved it..
- i draw on myself..randomly
- i drink a litre of water everyday...
- i love make-up


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