Thursday, 7 January 2010


Yess, i am talking about SEX..the big sha-BANG
Ermm yeah, me and my friends were reading some book on SEX
and their were some really good tips on having a Fuck Buddy and Why Men should should shave their Pubes..HMMM INTERESTING LOOOL

Another bit of the book that was jokes was the bit bout
"The Pros And Cons To Having A Big and Small Penis's...

Funny shit

i quote " a small penis requires you to only use one hand to toss him off"

Wow Loool


Sex is a topic that everone shud be alright talking about; i think sex is a funny topic once you get into it.

"LOVEMAKING VS F*CKING PART 2: I believe the art of making love (when it ACTUALLY is LOVE… MUTUALLY) is like an exercise of the soul. It’s like massaging the deepest feeling you could have for someone. whereas F*CKING as i said is now d new MAKING OUT. but before I go, I want to remind everyone that the difference between F*CKING and MAKING LOVE and should never be confused…ASK URSELF R U IN F*CKING OR MAKING LOVE??"

Answer That Loves....
Deeep Tings Ryt There


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