Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It Is What Is Mu'Fucking Is..

Howdy, Greeting, Kondorneblular (thats a new one)
Today Is A Mellow Day..
Its like i wanna lay in a field of sunflowers, light a zoot and take pictures..
i'm really quiet today and i dont know why..

most people think i am confused because i dont look at the expectations that are expected of a black girl lol*

does that sound stereotypical

But i thats me..i wear random vintage jumpers,
i regualary enjoy laughing,
i drink, i smoke (socially)
and like dancing to bashment and nigerian music.
oh and i love the Beatles..
But That dont make me..Does it??

I have also discovered i have a huge crush on Rihanna
But dont get me twisted for some next lesbian
she is just so sexy like...amber rose im sorry, your spot has been taken

                                      Her swag in this video has me gassed..
                                  but she looks better in her "Rude Boy" video
                                    The whole concept is #immense

Back to reality..which at the moment is alot of things

i cannot wait till SUMMER 2010..i will finally be 18 and be able to drink and smoke (socially)..
this summer i need..The Park, Beers..Weed..And Music. GREATNESS..

&&& my tatoo madness will going to end up looking like this lol

& My Mum Would Cry Everytime She saw me lol

i got a good feeling about this year and what summer has for me

And @Daniel Williams *This eint twitter but still*
curse you for putting me in facebook jail lol
i dont mean to talk alot but i saw whats on my mind at the time

but i think ima have to write agen tonight..

gotta get hings of my chest and need to priorities certain people in my life

bye for now


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