Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Week With Gaga And Minaj

What it do people, i havent written in this in ages and i feel really bad, LOL
Its been a hectic week, and i ahve gorwn to hate some stuff and love some stuff.
I Have grown to love GAGA♥ Even more and i have alos grown to love Nicki Minaj..Shes is actually alryt..i prefer her lyircs to her face tho..♪ I Was on the the plane with the Wayne♥....Thats why i get more head than a pigtail.♪ Her Lyrics are K.O's Like...At the moment they are my two fav chicks in the game..
I HEARD throught he grapevine that GAGA & Beyonce- Telephone Video is coming out this week...Im Happs..:)

i have also become obssessed with Robin Thickes New Album Sex Therapy..Oh LAWD this Man Would recieve it sideways, He is beautiful, Yeah him and Maxwell ..FMLS (Fuck My Life Sideways*)
I Love twitter on a sturday evening while Take Me Out is on..funniest shit ever..that show is actually many desperate chicks looking for desperate guys..

*sidenote- is sideways one word or two* #IMJUSTASKING

ATM im playing KE$HA- TIK TOK (great song)

i need a
- polaroid camera
- a wii for uni
- new vintage harems

ok now atm playing Lady Gaga- eh eh , sounds like a old skool madonna/ pure garage..i like
i like alot...

Ta Ra for now


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