Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Morning Fuckers, Well I posted my last entry rather late, so im writing this one kinda early..
Well i have started to detox myself, i started this morning and i have cut out 
-fizzy drinks
- bread
- sweets
- noodles
& a whole lot of other foods,
I am african, this is going to be so HARD!

I posted my new blog post on my facebook and people were getting a bit too happy with the picture. Some guy thought i was roasting- ermm no?. I Just like the image because it connotes lust, love and passion, & the picture is just PENGERS..

for breakfast this morning, it felt like torture, an apple and green tea. URRGH. The main reason i am doing this is to freshen up my insides and to feel good for this summer. 

Well here is another image that i find absolutely BEAUTIFUL 

Oh And check out this guys photoblog, he is real good, and PENGERS

The picture says a thousand words..
whats it saying to you?


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