Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Day

My Day..

My Journey to church, 

Got Home..Took A Couple Pictures..Like the one below..

Then i start with the work..

Finished that, (well kinda)..
started with my essay.. then i realisd my room is kinda like my shrine..
a messy shrine



Disgusting i know

But the one thing that is clean and tidy is my Vogue And Elle collection

Then i got really happy coz i found the purse that mummy got me for xmas

Then my mummy brough my laundry to my room and i opened my knickers draw and found this

Looks like a mirror right...
You thought wrong


(or not)
Then i look up to see my exam timetable
2 and a half hours.. DONT PISS ME OFF

Then i look to my door and smile coz i see my babies
This is just 1/3 of the collection BTW

Then look to my wall because these pictures make me happy
Meet the NUGA'S

*random note* i stole my umbrella from some posh kid at my school

i tided up and my room went back to looking like this.. 

And i did all this while drinking this
(green tea)