Monday, 19 April 2010

The Things I See On My Way Home

I swear my bus is full of little boggy nosed children and old people who smell really bad..
Well on the plus side the weather was pretty, and it made me very happy and cheerful..PATHETIC FALLACY..

oh and i have also decided to write a children's novel when i grow up..its always been a dream of mine.

Ermm sunday, i was mad tired so i didn't post anything....just a picture.

Oh, i promised Joseph ama do a quick review on Facejacker. This show is actually hilarious, how he does all these voices and impersonations is disgusting. I found the African guy, Augustus the funniest one. He was hypnotising people into giving them their bank details and address and bank details. The funniest thing was that the scam he was doing seemed like something typical nigerian 419-er would do lol.

But real talk he looks like his name is supposed to be Babalola Oshigunayo lol
(i just made that up BTW)

Ermm yeah the outfit yesterday was rather sophisticated looking; seeing as it was the aunts birthday.
Dress- River Island Shoulder Detail
Tights- Primark ?
Shoes- Brogues- Ermm Dunno
Bag- River Island.. 

I think i want some SUPER SHADES, google it bitches, they are so peng..
£110 onwards. They are worth it..

I havent forgotten about S.G And Mikestar

Review coming very soon

I dunno what to wear to sixth form..oh lord..:(

I Love This Picture, Me and my lovely friend...

Heres the picture of the day



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