Friday, 2 April 2010


Well, I'm Kinda Happy i gess..
*Now playing- Trey Songz- neighbours know my name..*
i like woke up this morning and had the biggest urge to clean my yard so i did..i woke up at like 9.30am and started to clean everywhere, ignoring the fact that i was staying at home with four other people.

The weather has taken the actual piss with my life...

Its Good Friday Today And My Friend
is crying because she is not eaten meat all day..she is cryingl. i dont understand lol

i ate meat and im feel kinda bad..but prior to today i was feeling really weak and tired..

Well today trey songs has me gassed its disgusting lol..

Well today is a day that we acknowledge Jesus; i gess
coz he like died today and he died for us alie?!

how much do you love you god

God bless

*nowplaying- trey songs- last time*


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