Saturday, 29 May 2010


I love Kelis-Acapella.

Didnt go to the thrift store, just flipping walked halfway there, then just turned back around and walked back home.
Complete waste of my life and time...

Ergh, i got rained on, water splashed on me..wind messed up my a sore throat..not even happy..messed up my whole day. So i stayed at home, and tweeted and tumblr'd and blogged, it was literally me alone in my room with my laptop, ipod and my phone (& TV) ..

I felt so alone. On top of it all, i got shouted at, i got pranked and i miss the one person i know i cant have..Fucking hell, My life is not rating me at this moment in time, i swear. 
All i want to do is watch Alice in Wonderland and cook someone a meal, is that too much to handle. 
So now at the moment, i am currently watching Hitch, in my dinning room; once again..alone.

So im pretty much alone; get the picture..


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