Sunday, 16 May 2010


I havent blogged properly in ages, i have been so busy with revision and stuffs.
So please forgive me.
*air hug*

 Well, i have been the most anti social 17 year old that has graced this planet, i literally come back from school and lock myself in my room, blast music and read (&tweet and f'book), my life literally revolves around my three subjects:Media, Sociology and literature.

Oh, and yes i have become a Drake Junkie, ok, not a junkie but i just really like two of his osng, like im obsessed its disgusting. I love "July", the beat is so smooth and mellow, which is my kinda music, something that you can just chill to. I also got introduced to "Cold Winter", this song has to be my favourite, it has a 80's esqe kinda beat to it..real cool and head boppy-like lol. You have to listen to them to understand what i mean. I am currently waiting for the release of his Album "Thank Me Later", it is his debut album so you can only imagine the hype that is going around for the album..
Album Cover

The album cover alone is very bold, it is an outline of what teh audience can see is Drake. The red against the white background is such a good contrast its disgusting..its so simple. If the image of Drakes face was coloured completly, it would make it so bold and busy.
This album would prob be very sucessful..
You go Drake

Anyway, i painted the nails grey and they look fabulous. I love them♥

Oh yeah, i got a new boyfriend blazer, and a "skirt" and skinny waist belt..i really should stop shopping..

Well its mother ladys birthday and Pinkys Birthday 
Happy birthday
Many more years to come



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