Thursday, 1 July 2010

Exams Over

Goo'day Mate *Australian accent*
So exams have finished..TIME TO PARTY!!!
Its like a whole weight of my shoulders, i swear, weights such as Media & Sociology And Literature.
No more Wuthering Hieghts..God that book was so long but i enjoyed it.
ANYWAY! enough about school.. what do i do ?
now that revision is over and i havent got my head stuck in a book..
Well, im watching Big Brother and shabby is crying because she has been asked to sacrifice her hat -____________- ..she is only crying becuase she doesnt want people to see the little village of gnits in her hair & i dont actually think she has showered since she has been in the house; like seriously.

@TheRealCrayolaR just rang me about some joke we used to do in Year 9 science; which seems like yonks ago.  

Now that i have finished 6th form..i feel old. this must mean that my summer has officially started..
& my bornday is next month* & i dont know what to do.
* 21 July, dont say i didnt warn you
So summer'10 has shall be including
- sunny days in the park..
- drinking..Cold beer preferable
- i also have a very strong feeling i will take up smoking this summer :/..dont ask why, i just do
- a job
..& Just enjoying being around positive people.

This weather has become very unbearable, but yet i seem to wear black o.O, like all the time..My wardrobe literally consists of black clothes and denim..

Oh and i have just come across this tumblr, called Mi Casa Es Su Casa..the interior decor is so beautiful.
I want my house to be very minimalistic becuase that is the type of person i am, clutter reflects your state of mind..i dont like clutter..
But anyways

Heres my picture for the day
Theophilus London. i have a major crush on him


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