Sunday, 8 August 2010

Morning, yesterdays post was done in such a rush, my gosh. Literally done in 3 minutes, i havent blogged in ages. 
Well yeah im in Ireland at my dads new place and like its massive, like seriously its on the orobo side. A huge amount of people always ask me what the flip am i doing in ireland, "its boring why go there" "its full of sheep and green" ERMMM.. NO IT AINT. Seriously this place is so nice, yes there are many black people in Ireland becuase thats another one of the questions people are always asking me. 

So far i have been drinking like an irish man and gossiped, i have never drank this much in my life (ok, not my life but like in a long time). 

So erm yeah..i will be taking pictures of my trip here and posting them later on..

Today is the first sunday of the month, and once again im not at church. Well i would go if i could. I still thank god.


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