Saturday, 4 September 2010


Let me just warn you readers, this post will be so mind boggling its a joke.

i titled this post, Changes.
We are now in September, fashion is changing,times are changing and so is the weather.
So there are changes all around us.
But does this mean that you will change becuase things around you are??

Thats the question that i have been thinking about for a while.

I was having a random conversation with my friend will on the toilet seat about when we are married. She told me not to change me wacky and weird personality when i get married, because some i have seen some people that get married and turn to misserable old FUCKS and start looking like they cant be bothered with life.

This leads me to another question, would you change yourself for another person?
My cronies have told me that when im in a relationship i tend to become more quite and non-vibrant but when im with them im as vibrant as a vibrator :|

 i have now seen that CAMEL BROWN is in, i for one hate BROWN. its an icky colour but i never thought about Camel Brown. Camel brown suprisingly looks luxurious, when you think camel first thoughts are dirty smelly nasty ass. But then take away the smell of the camel and you have got a very lovely colour, kinda velvetty ( thats not a real word).
Camel brown kinda reminds me of the new Chloe collection..

But yeah..September is here..hello responsibilities and bills, goodbye bed times and regular meals. LOL..yeah im starting uni this year and im bricking it.
But uni will be the making of me i guess, at least thats what @TheRealCrayolaR told me :/

My mum told me to write a list of all the things that i want for uni..LOOL im not giving her the list until the day we go shopping for the stuff i need..

But yeah, Uni here i come :))

Summer '10 was not as bad as i thought it would be, weather was abit pants but WE TENK GOD


p.s im in ireland so i cant post the pic of the day..
sad times

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