Sunday, 26 September 2010


Readers, whats good. Well, uni has started but it hasn't started, well like i have moved in but my lectures dont really start until next week tuesday. i have been shopping, and shopping and shopping. Its rather bad, when mummy finds out, i think she will cry lol.
so i have bought,a  dress..a jumper..tassled loafers, vans, a russian hat and a vintage bag..all from Topshop and Office.

Well Canterbury is a beautiful town, like the town is amazing. The people are nice. But its not the same as having your family or friends around. Well my freshers week was really good. Thursday was the best. Didnt take no pictures because i was rather tipsy...ok i was drunk. 

oh, erm here is tina and Elijah..But the picture was taken at like 1 in the morning..
tina ----><----- elijah

so yeah thats me..


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