Wednesday, 20 October 2010


im feeling very hmm.
i wore leggings and a flannel shirt. And i was freezing. i felt like a bare bum getting slapped.
i had a seminar, then realised i have an assignment to hand in. I thought fuck!. 
i called my mummy♥ and just cried on the phone to her. for like 20 minutes. i miss her. i miss my family.
*gets teary eyed* 
i called up lola. cried on the phone to her. she was felt my pain. she knew how i was feeling. 
thats why i love her. she always knows how to cheer me up.
then i planned to meet her and we will go to london  to meet our other half, bui. 
i miss them. i miss my best friends. 
i have been feeling so lonely recently. 
im quite sad tbh.
oh well. 
oh yeah, i literally fucked of twitter, which is something i never do..actually i have never done it. and i have been ignoring all pings.
except pings from Liz. liz always makes me laugh. :)
but yeah. here i am, sitting on my laptop. on tumblr. when i have an assignment to do.
fuck. yeah…fuck.