Saturday, 19 March 2011

Shopping :)

Right, i havent been shopping in a while, when i say a while i mean like about a 2 weeks. Well after my tutorial and doctors appointment i decided i might as well go town since i weren't really doing anything at home, (bare in mind i have a portfolio to do by the 28th; HA!) So yeah i wondered of into Boots for starters and decided i need some stuff, so i bought:

Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial: Pore Refining Toner: £3.00
This stuff works wonders of your T Zone

Jergens Skin Firming: £5.95
Its firms all your wobbly bits up, you literally become 'ARD BODIED'

Ok so then i stumbled out of Boots i was enticed by all the shops in Canterbury, they look so pretty, i'm a sucker for window displays. So i went to Topshop and purchased a chain and shoes boot trainer thingys.

Topshop trainer shoes thingys- £45

Freedom by Topshop- Gold chain with skull head- £4.50, BARGAIN!
'Silver' Rings from H&M- £3.99
You see that Skull Ring, this is my 3rd time buying it, i first bought it in Topshop for a tenner, then i lost it, i bought it again from Topshop then lost it again and i went Dorothy Perkins and bought it for £4.50, how un/lucky am i?! 
Feather Ring- Dorthy Perkins- £5.00

So i stumbled out of Topshop for before i became more broke than I already am. The really bad thing about the way the shops are situated in Canterbury is that all the shops such as Topshop, H&M and Zara are all next to each other, so if you go into Topshop you have to go into H&M; its like a rule.
So i went into H&M, nothing really enticed me in the store, I dunno why, H&M is a store where only certain pieces really catch my attention, and the faux fox tail certainly go my attention and the bundle of rings, I have a really bad ring fetish like i am in love with rings, they make such a different to you hands.

H&M: Faux Fox Tail-£3.99----------->

Ok so yeah, went into Zara nothing really tickled my fantasy, surprisingly. I usually walk into that shop and want to buy everything, and besides their window display wasn't really that enthusiastic; so yeah.
Bare in mind i went shopping on my own i like shopping on my own gives me time to think about life and other stuff, and i really get to stay in a shop for as long as i want without someone trailing behind me asking "are you done yet?" *side eye*. Oh i also bought LOVE, the 'androgynous issue' i clicked through haven't properly read it yet. so my last shop was a little story called Peppermint, where i bought these lovely suede wedges and for the price i dont think they are too bad:
Peppermint: £25.00

Then i bought myself a Frap from Starbucks (as you do) and stumbled home. 

Im growing my nails because honestly, i buy nail polish but didnt have anything to paint :/ So i have been growing my nails for like 2 months now and I swear nails make a big difference to your hands.
ignore my sausage fingers
Red is the new black.

So yeah thats it really

Over and out.