Monday, 30 July 2012


" know that i got you, anything you want i go buy two....." 
I have fallen in love with this song from the first time i heard it a few months back and not a day goes by that i haven't played it since. Its one of the most beautiful songs Brymo has done, as well as We All Need Something. The song is just too beautiful, its the violins that add that classy touch to it as well as the lyrics, imagine waking up to your boyfriend singing this song to you; pure bliss. The video was released to yesterday on Brymo's official YouTube page (link will be placed below the video) and was shot in Lagos and was directed by AJE FILMWORKS, some have been quite critical of the video saying its not as good as the song itself, honestly speaking i would have loved to have seen Brymo interact with a leading lady, showing a more affectionate side to him that we haven't seen; nevertheless the video is ok but could be better. Brymo looks fabulous, i cant fault his outfit, a nice sharp suit slim fit suit, crisp white shirt and some nice shoes, he looks H O T; i cant lie; and i love how he infuses yoruba into his lyrics.
I cant say this enough,the song is just too beautiful and I could keep going and on about how much I love it; but this song will and must be played at my wedding, preferably my wedding to Brymo (Amen o, lol), sang by the leading man himself. 
So ladies and gentlemen, here it is...


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