Wednesday, 11 November 2009

i-D My 3rd Bible and my fear of old women..

Hello, Was good..?
Got home early so thought i should blog, today has been so funny; psml.
I went to WHSmiths with the Fag & Lola to look for our magazines
Vogue for the gay..
Black Beauty for Lola
i-D for me :)

but hey; they didnt have it :(

Old people scrare me :(
oh my di-dddays..i accidently walked into an old lady bout 60-sutting
den she pushed me; me being me said
" did she just push me"
den like 2 minutes later..she comes back and tells me (with fear)
" i did not push you; u stepped on my foot"
 den she ran? away..

but i love my new snood..
as well as Karl Lagerfeld.
i love his job: creative director of Chanel as well as Fendi.
Hes a great Photographer..
i loved their article on him in Vogue Paris

i'v also got a new found love of Edie Sedwick & Andy Warhol♥
I wanna be a Warhol Superstar
Why was i not freinds with them?
Ama study den wen i do my Psychology and Media Degree:)

If i was born in the 60's i think i would have been a british socialite who hung around with The Beatles (who i love)♥
Peace; Love & Skittles


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