Monday, 2 November 2009

No Long Ting.

No Long Ting?

Only god knows how i came up with this one, i think it was continous hours of listening to the
Kokomaster; D'banj.
Well this week has been like a sandwich? Yeah, like a sandwich, with an extra portion of DEADNESS 
My week has been jam packed with writing my personal statement, writing up my Literature coursework and two, yes two sociology essays with NO word limits, so I cud write up essay the lenght of the bible..

Argh Im worried as fish outta water..
Im going uni next year, im excited, dont gt me twisted but just the thought of growing up..
swear down last year i was just sitting my GCSE's..well everyone has to grown up
so my options are:

University of Essex
University of Hertfordshire
Royal Holloway
Univeristy of Kent

Im complaning that this week was there like there wasnt a party to go to..
who wudnt want have the opportunity to party with a bunch of underage drinkers and mans who are 20+  tryna move girls in year 11...



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