Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Truth Shall Set Us All Free.

So, Today was a...different.
It was the first day back at school and i was so excite dto see my Fag♥, hadnt seen him since wwe broke up from school. I walked into and the libaray and SCREAMED HAYDN!,
i ♥ my Fag if you havent noticed for a numerous amount of reasons
1. we laugh at those who wear brown, no matter who you are.
2. we just laugh at people

But any ways..
today a secret was revealed and you know what to be honest from what i found, i admit i was scared..
but only coz i felt the person was insecure about themselves when they usually aint.
But finding out the truth shall set us all free AMEN.

But i ♥ my freinds, we are all rejects from different groups.
The gay is a reject from the onli gay guy who hangs around with what we call " The WAGS"
I am the reject from the "ghetto" turned " fashionista"
My CrayolaR is a throwback from the 80'S
And Lola is a reject from the black "Barbies"

But Anywas..im hungry.
Noodles It Is


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